Welcome, Beloved Friend to the Rising as Love community. I am delighted you have found your way to this site which is devoted to the Love Revolution. It is time to rise as love! Nothing could be more vital. We have come to a time in human history where so many structures are collapsing and we no longer have the luxury of wallowing in old limitations and beliefs. At the same time, the opportunity to rise as love has never been more available. While people say we have a choice, in fact, we do not have a choice until we are conscious enough to see where the obstacles to love are in our lives and begin to chose differently.

To do so takes great courage, willingness, tenacity, self-inquiry, and commitment. It is time for us to join together as fellow travelers on this journey Home to Love and support each other. Through this joining of hearts, our own inner freedom is revealed. Where two or more are gathered, the results are multiplied. Through offering a hand to another, being willing to be of service, ironically we learn to step out of the confines of the personal self and being to explore the vastness of our True Self. Once we catch the scent, we will never look back. We come to a point internally where it is no longer a struggle or effort to continue on this path of wholeness. Rather the opposite is true. The sense of confinement and limitation experienced through staying stuck in old egoic pattern becomes literally intolerable and we are willing to do whatever it takes to gain our freedom.

It might feel like endless struggle and strife until one day we turn a corner and actually witness that in fact, we do create our own reality. We stop blaming and shaming ourselves, scrap ourselves off the ground and just get on with it. We make the inevitable yet elusive discovery of our own innocence. Nothing will be the same once this becomes an embodied Truth, we are innocent and always have been. We see how our erroneous thoughts, beliefs, conditioning had appeared to keep us in prison yet we always had the key in our own hand. It felt vital to me to change the name and intent of my website with the sparking new energies of 2018. Many of us have been on the grueling road of consciousness for a long time yet are beginning to reap what we have sown. We feel the great uplifting of energy showing us endless possibilities for creativity and extension. Not only are our hearts ready to rise in love for ourself and our loved ones but we are more than ready to rise as a species, to bring in lasting changes for justice and equality around the country and throughout the world; women, men, and children marching for a new world order based on human rights rather than the needs of the elite few. We are coming together to institute global change. As within, so without.

As we make sweeping changes internally, it is inevitable it will be reflected in the wider world. Eight years ago on this day, I experienced one of the most challenging moments of my life. The power of my deepest false belief, the belief that I would not know love unless it was offered to me by another was ripped wide open and sent me hurling into the night. This night split my life in two. There was no turning back from having witnessed the power of this false evidence appearing real (fear.) The force of the energy of that night made it clear to me that I had to learn how to move beyond what my senses were telling me and begin to embody my own unlimited nature. Witnessing that level of terror made it clear I could not go on as I had. It was part of a very painful dark night of the soul. I could barely even begin to imagine how far I could come from a life with amazing blessings and gifts yet one with a constant undercurrent of fear and inauthenticity. Flash forward to today. My existence is no longer a problem to be solved. The anxiety that plagued me all my life is a rare visitor and has not shown up at all for months. I am no longer an endless self-improvement project, rather my life is devoted to serving, to creating, to celebrating, to connecting. Can you begin to imagine the joy?

To experience the dramatic shifts within, to feel the deep abiding peace that carries me regardless of circumstances, to be experiencing intimacy and harmony in my relationships, jubilation! To welcome challenges as a gift leading to further freedom, to have a holy and unified relationship with my teenage daughter after years of conflict, are such triumphs.To rest in Trust that I/we are never alone, are always guided, and have eternal support, all these are miracles I could hardly imagine. Further that the Mystery, the Divine is not only shepherding our lives but, with the unfolding of the age of Aquarius, we are seeing a massive rebirth where peace will ultimately reign globally is a blessing to see. It is my intent to share here everything I know and everything I realize about permanently exiting the egoic thought system into a world founded in harmony, cooperation, and peace. As within, so without. Yes, we can!


October 23, 2014

I welcome questions, comments, introspections. This site was originally created on this day to celebrate self-love and innocence. We discover our own innocence by seeing it in another. When we consistently look for the face of the Divine in all who we meet, over time we discover own Divinity and innocence. From there we step into the heaven of Homecoming, back to our True Nature. We can remember this innocence by seeing it in the eyes of a partner, a child, a pet. When we raise our children in love, we simultaneously re-parent ourselves, restoring ourselves to wholeness. Yet it is the friction, the triggers in our relationships that urge, nay demands we move beyond the egoic thought system. At the end of the journey is a holy relationship where two join with the same intent, to consistently see the innocence, the face of the Christ in the other. This single vision restores us to our own knowledge of our inherent worthiness. We stop struggling and simply open our arms to receive, completing the cycle of giving and receiving. Ah, dear friends, will you join me in the celebration?