Welcome to Raised in Love. I am truly delighted you have found your way to this site. I hope you will join this community dedicated to love in all our relationships, especially in our relationship to ourselves  This site is devoted to the remembrance of Love in all of our lives. This is our true nature. Being restored to this knowing is for me the game of life. Being certain of our own Identity is the great game changer, which moves us from a fear based life to one of joy, intimacy and passion where we begin to fulfill our purpose in existence.
My primary focus is on self love and on our relationship to our children. Click the love wave tab for my blog about self love and an authentic life. The conscious parenting tab is my blog about restoring our relationship with our children to one of wholeness and shifting the parenting paradigm to one that is more heart centered and truth based. There is an amazing correlation between our ability to love ourselves and our ability to be good parents. With or without children, the journey is about learning to love yourself as the most tender, nourishing, adoring parent/ caretaker of self ever, to restore yourself to wholeness through the application of love to the places inside that feel wounded and broken.

Those of you with children have been given one of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities on earth, the chance to love a child. A funny thing happens on the way to learning to adore your child or children with your whole being, your own heart begins to mend. For those without children, perhaps your love is directed to your spouse, partner, or a relative such as a niece or nephew, to a pet or to a cause  The unexpected miracle is that that extending love is one of the quickest ways to fall back in love with yourself. Since love is the answer to every question, learning to unconditionally accept oneself is perhaps one of the swiftest way to create the life of one’s dreams. This journey of devotion to oneself may beautifully dovetail with learning to love someone else unconditionally. This is a tall order I know, yet the gift of loving another lays down a path of unexpected simplicity. Merely (yes, that merely can extend a million miles) extend tenderness to your beloved with your whole heart and witness the blossoming of your own deepening ability to love yourself. While following this intent, you can be sure that anything that is unlike love will emerge for your attention. Cherishing your child and/or spouse or another loved one allows anything of an opposite resonance to surface. While this can feel extremely uncomfortable, in actuality it is a gift. It allows us to easily locate where our hearts have  been broken. The pain of being out of harmony with a beloved is rocket fuel to encourage us to mend our own hearts so as to be able to love unconditionally again. For me, any conflicts or challenges in our relationships with our loved ones are not coincidences rather powerful soul agreements between members of soul families aimed at restoring us to our true natures. These conflicts are not by chance rather influential opportunities to returns us to our own essence as Love.  From this place, all things are possible and life can expand in limitless directions.

The opportunity is always to love ourself as though we are the most precious infant, to learn to accept and rejoice in every aspect of our being, especially the uncomfortable places. Can we learn to love our anger, our sadness, our perceived inadequacies? These intolerable places within are arrows piercing our hearts, aimed at showing us the way home to ourselves, just as conflict in our family relationships are designed to do. This is the path we were born to follow.

 This site is dedicated to those ready to parent and cherish their own lost aspects back to unity and wholeness; to the children, the children under the age of 18 and those living wounded and lost, buried within the adult. My most fervent desire is to provide a platform for us to be raised in love, whether that be raising biological or adopted children or our own wounded hearts.

October 23, 2014

There are two blogs on this site. I am continuing my love wave blog (second tab) and have a new blog on conscious parenting (third tab.) I welcome comments, questions, discussion. I am so happy to have you join me in the love revolution.