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Deciding to “Raise Our Vibration” and expand our consciousness is a choice that many will resist. With great resistance, they will reject their evolution, because in order to evolve out of their current state of awareness and consciousness they will be required to make GREAT changes within their being. They will also have to let go of their current belief systems that they have defended and believed to be true for so long. This can be more than many can bare because humans detest change…..even though change is the only constant in the universe. We are creatures of comfort, and we also don’t like to go against the belief systems of the tribe. Complacency, placing blame on others so we don’t have to accept responsibility for our own life, believing in a savior outside of ourselves because we do not see our selves as worthy or powerful, “blindly” choosing to accept the ideas of others without seeing how we feel in our own heart, the inability to speak up and tell others how we truly feel out of fear of confrontation, and the fear of being alone all contribute to the “following of the heard” mentality. All of this is egoic fear based thinking, and all of us carry these hidden subconscious beliefs within our being that oftentimes interfere with our growth if they are left unaddressed.
Because humans are so resistant and fearful to change, our higher soul’s will place large obstacles in our journey to force us to choose differently. If you are currently experiencing the energies and vibrations of Pain, Chaos, Confusion, Depression, Illness, Addictions, Lack Of Abundance, Overwhelming Emotions, Fear, Relationship Difficulties etc……these are all characteristic of your higher soul saying something within your being needs to be looked at and healed. Every single person I have ever talked to, who I feel is an “evolved wise being,” started their soul’s ascension journey into the higher vibrations by hitting rock bottom. Pain and Chaos were our catalyst for transformation. It does not have to be this way…..we can hear the call to “Raise Our Vibrations” from a loving, positive place but many of us will not hear it. Oftentimes, we will choose to hear the call only when we are suffering because it is then that we will finally decide that we are so sick and tired of being sick and tired that we will finally slow down enough to SEE that it is us who has the power to create change in our life simply by changing our beliefs, redirecting our mental energy towards “what we want, not what we don’t want,” and by making changes in this NOW moment that will eventually add up and change our FUTURE. It is when we finally accept responsibility for our life and stop blaming others for our problems that we truly begin to shift and raise our vibrational frequency so we can raise the vibrational frequency of our point of ATTRACTION that will create our future.
Many people will not accept responsibility for their life and their vibrational frequency. They are enslaved by their ego consciousness (the reptilian brain) and they will continue to project everything outside of themselves onto other people. They will remain victims of their circumstances, and they will blame everyone else for the quality of their life. These people will also run into great fear when you decide to break away from the egoic belief systems of fear and powerlessness and they may attack you and your new found vibrational frequency because they want to keep you on their level. It will take great strength, courage, character and dedication to stay aligned with YOU, and your higher soul’s calling, into the higher vibrations of “positive” attraction, greater flow, greater states of consciousness and greater connection to the whole. Not only will you be tested by your family and friends….your very own fears and ego self will creep back in from time to time and create confusion within your being. Raising Our Vibrations and Ascending Our Soul’s is a lifestyle, it is a process that will take time. Remember energy never dies… whatever off pitched vibrational energies that you have created from within your being due to lifetimes of not being awake will need to be transmuted into a higher vibrational frequency before you will be able to move into periods of ease and grace. Many people will start the spiritual journey, which is the healing journey with great intentions but they are not aware that the first few years of transmutation and transformation are not easy! Naturally, humans want a quick fix…. we want to jump from our old low vibrational attraction energies to more positive, abundant high vibrational attraction energies overnight and that is once again the mindset of our egoic thinking. It takes time to transmute our old energies. Once we begin the process, we will attract the help from our higher soul and our spiritual teams and they will accelerate the process through “soul lessons” and “soul healing.” They will bring to us the very things we need to address within ourselves so we can choose different more loving behavioral patterns ~ through difficult interactions ~ which will shift and change our energy and level of consciousness. As we shift and change our energy fields from a low vibrational, carbon based being to a high vibrational crystalline being our physical being will also go through a “healing crisis” as our multidimensional layers of our being evolve into the new divine template.
The process of soul ascension and raising our vibrational frequency is not an easy process, if it were then everyone would have an expanded state of consciousness and our world would reflect back to us the PEACE and LOVE we all so desperately want. Depending on our level of surrender will determine how difficult our soul ascension will be. If we resist, we will suffer. If our expectations are to high and we are more focused on “how far we have to go” instead of “how far we have come,” we will suffer. If we allow other people’s demands, expectations and projections to interfere in our alignment, we will suffer. If we are attached to the old and refuse to let go of what does not serve us, we will suffer. So….if you are in the ascension process and you are suffering then your focus of energy is in the wrong place and this is one of the lessons you will gain great insight from. Look at your expectations, see if you are comparing your self to others. Where are you attached to something that needs to be released…..perhaps you are attached to your pain. Where are your thoughts….are they focused on your growth, your courage, your strength to break away from the 3D reality of the mass consciousness? Also, where is your joy, are you doing something fun and uplifting everyday or are you stuck in the drudgery of your ascension?
Everyday, approach your day with GRATITUDE. We have all been given the opportunity to evolve at an accelerated rate, and this is not an easy task because we are taking our bodies with us this time. We knew before we incarnated on Earth what our soul’s potential was, and we were excited! In fact we were CHOSEN to be apart of this grand transformation. We stood in line begging for this opportunity, and now that we are here and we are evolving…..many of us are complaining. Complaining will keep you stuck in your old ways and it is sure fire sign of you focusing on what you don’t want, instead of what you do want. You can expect to have off weeks as you descend into the depths of your energy field to transmute old, dense energies. Give your self a break, be kind to your self and take dominion over your negative thoughts. If you are truly ascending and changing your energy then you should also have weeks of great clarity, connection and happiness. If you are not experiencing weeks of “grace” then you are not ascending your energy….you have become stuck and you need to once again dig deep and locate where your source of stagnation stems from. The ascension process is not a straight shot up….you will descend in vibration to transmute your energies, and then rise again into a more sustained vibrational frequency where you will receive the gift of greater understanding and healing. The problem is that the ego runs into fear when your weeks of grace disappear, and you are being asked to clear the next level of distortion with your being. Don’t resist….allow yourself to go there, and know that this too will pass and there is a reward and a gift right around the corner.
Never forget your greatness. You are a divine aspect of the Creator Of All That Is. You were made from LOVE and your truth is that you are LOVE. Ascension requires us to claim our SELF LOVE, and to recognize who we are. Do not let the distortions of the ego interfere with your process. Love your self through the healing of your soul. How blessed you are to not be blinded by your self anymore; those who are brave enough to embark on the ascension journey are the Way Showers. We are the Path Cutters to the new divine human template. You are blessed, and you are loved. ~Sabrina

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