insights for 2016

The Dalai Lama stated that the Western woman will lead humanity home, back to wholeness. Yes and amen. Bring it on.

I know this last week with its powerful geomagnetic storm was a power house for most of us. At the same time insights are piling in so fast I can’t keep up cognitively. Some highlights:

* 2016 is a watershed year. It is now time for us to focus on what we want and release our attention on what we don’t want.

* many on the spiritual path have been caught in a martyr and/or savior complex, trying to buy our way into heaven. It is time to drop that old paradigm and choose from a place of love and joy.

* as powerful women and men it is time to release co-dependency and unhealthy boundaries; we are no longer willing to weaken or harm ourself in order to maintain what we previously considered to be a vital relationship. It is officially ok to feel the way we feel and want what we want.

* if we say it is true, it is true. The Universe is our playground. Don’t order from the menu something you don’t want.fullsizerender

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