beyond duality

It is important that we find ways to honor our knowing that so many things happening on the planet are less than ideal without getting trapped in duality or carrying the burden of planetary suffering on our own backs. So many empathetic beings end up harming themselves by over-identifying with others’ pain. It is time to contribute where and when we feel called to resolution WITHOUT taking the challenge on energetically. There are so many things calling our attention it is easy to get lost in grief. This does not help. Can we extend love to these situations without getting energetically overwhelmed?
I have had to struggle with this in several areas, especially with the education system and all its flaws, witnessing how much suffering it inflicts on families while so grateful for all the advances arising lately and particularly in my community that offers so many choices. I also am now embedded in the justice/ prison system and find it easy to get lost in frustration or grief. I feel frustrated at how our desire to offer love and compassion is often not supported. I have had to learn to step out of duality, see the other point of view, learn to recognize the very real challenges on both side and honor others experience. Yet I still feel frustrated when everything has to have evidence, research, scientific proof it is effective. Can we not listen to our own hearts as the ultimate guide, merely knowing the power of love always makes a difference? Sometimes this aspect of left brain dominant culture drives me up the wall. It has been one of my greatest lessons to learn if I remain in duality making one side right with the other being wrong, not only do I shoot myself in the foot and alienate the very people I desire cooperation from, I personally suffer as I place myself in judgment outside of unity. It has taken incredible commitment to move out of duality and stay in my heart while interacting with both the guards and inmates at the jail. I realize how my soul cleverly positioned me to learn this lesson by putting this project that is so meaningful to me at

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