the remembering game

Matt Kahn has an excellent view of ego, an overactive nervous system. Anyone born in the last 100 years would be hard put NOT to have an over active nervous system. Given politics, the economy, terrorism, environmental degradation,inequality, poverty, abuse of children, women, poor, a 24 hour news cycle bent often on showing the worst of humanity, greed, corruption and so on simply being alive on planet earth definitely can put a serious strain on the nervous system. It is NOT your fault, you never did anything wrong. We are just delicate human beings with sensitivities, connected to the energy of the entire planet and all the beings on it.
Their is wonderful new information available now about how consciousness works offering tools for freedom unavailable to previous generations. This offers us untold opportunities to free ourselves AND it also bestows a million more ways to judge, shame and blame ourselves. How to recognize that our thoughts and beliefs shape shift our reality without judging or blaming oneself for a negative thought, trapping ourselves in what Jeff Brown calls the New Cage movement. Yes, we can view ourselves as buried by sin, crucified by our low vibration, punished for not being able to accept out own pain. Or we can ALWAYS bring a loving heart to everything that arises, have the deepest compassion for our own suffering, being willing to find a new way of relating to our own wounds. Our misery can make us feel like caged animals, trying to gnaw out way to freedom, tearing at our own skin to untether ourselves from anguish. We can forget the legions of angels, guides and masters here to support our bid for liberation. This is all a game of forgetting. Underneath all the emotional debris rest a magnificent masterpiece that has never been anything other then a divine being. When we realize it is ONLY a task of remembering, perhaps we can drop the guilt, rest in trust and KNOW beyond all doubt that there has never been such a change to free ourselves of the seeming burdens of being human and instead glory in the joy of the sensuous human experience.

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