missing the mark

To sin is an archery terms meaning to miss the mark. The only real “sin” is a forgetting, not remembering our own divinity and Christ consciousness. These times are the times of remembering, when restoring knowledge of our true nature has moved from an elective to a required course. During the Remembering all most of us will go through different stages. I call the most difficult stage hell, Matt Kahn calls it the dark night of the soul. During that period all bets are off and we must only survive it. As Matt further says, we don’t let go of conditions, they let go of us. When we commit to loving out own hearts, to be willing to remember our divine natures the process unfold on its own. During “hell” we just get through each day until a tiny spaciousness dawns. Matt calls this the ego’s last stand. I call it the limbo and purgatory (hey I was raised Catholic) that proceeds heaven on earth. If we can hold the faith, rest in trust, the ride will be less bumpy. Not an easy task when our nervous system feels like it is being fried, everything seems to go wrong and nothing feels like a gift. Divine timing may feel like a joke or the never ending story but hang on loves. At the end of the road lies a peace that passes all understanding, a sense of homecoming to Self that is the greatest love affair. This is available in our life times as never before! What an honor and privilege to live in these times of mass awakening, to know that during this time in history our contribution is invaluable. Some days we may have to slither on our bellies but the end is assured once we say YES!

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