beyond limitations

A number of people have told me lately how much my stories impact their ability to integrate spiritual concepts so would love to share this one about not buying into a false sense of limitation. In last 24 hours I had to move beyond many old limiting beliefs. First I had scheduled my workshop in February with the hope the weather would be better. I have an eye condition that makes it difficult to see in the dark. So driving up to do the workshop in the rain was the first mastery, not being disappointed when almost everyone signed up did not show up was the second. WAs delighted when people not signed up showed up and I rested in trust all would be well. I had a very sweet evening with the group.
Then came home to power going out shortly after I got home, Was so grateful it waited until I was in the door and was able to crawl around until I found my purse with flashlight. Then i had to trust I could sleep without the white noise I always sleep with and could wake up in time without alarm.
Then even more joy. My drive was flooded and the next morning I had to do something so my client could drive in. I marched down there chanting my mantra for today, my lesson from “A Course in Miracles.” There is nothing my holiness cannot do. I could not see the problem but culvert was blocked. Waded in the mud and created small opening. In the past after living with two men for a total of 28 years I used to go into co-dependent victim mode and want to feel sorry and buy the creeping sense of limitation, the old belief I could not handle this but i stuck to mastery, took a short walk, came back, wade back in, discovered the block and pulled it out, Rocky triumphant.

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