faith moves mountains

FEAR, False Evidence Appearing Real. It is not easy to see beyond appearances. Spiritual teachings urge us to see beyond the appearance of reality. Yet when long standing survival fears and conditions exist, it may feel impossible to see beyond them. We need “reality” penetrating eyes. The book “Dying to Be Me” details such an example as the author was paralyzed with a fear of cancer until a near death experience woke her up to her inherent mastery and power and pulled her back from being hours from death.
In our own lives entrenched conditions of lack, of difficult relationships, of employment or financial challenges may appear to be just what is, immovable. Yet if we can see with new eyes the most intractable condition can shift. This is what the Bible speaks of when it says the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. Yet isn’t the trick to be able to even see the possibility of the longstanding condition actually budging, of believing in our own power and mastery. Start small. See yourself getting a parking space, getting an unexpected gift or small amount of money, having a friend call unexpectedly. Watch your sense of power, of being united with the Mystery grow until your are willing to move an anthill and finally a mountain.

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