resurrection |ˌrezəˈrekSH(ə)n|
the action or fact of resurrecting or being resurrected.
• the revitalization or revival of something

Resurrection is a powerful word and for some Easter may bring in a new energy of rebirth, a new sense of something opening. A friend called and said she is ready to let a lot go and bring a lot of new things in. Life is finite in this form, what is it we truly desire? It is my direct experience with myself and others that when our pain bodies are dense, we can desire so much with little ability to bring it to fruition. Releasing the density of ego attachments and opening with awareness to what works or does not work in our lives seems to be vital. I was just reflecting how important my mindful awareness practice is. It let’s me be aware of what feels good, what feels out of harmony. This inner guidance system has been vital in bringing my most significant dreams to fruition. It gives me the faith and courage to hold on to others dream that still seem far fetched. May we all have the wisdom and awareness to enter the kingdom within.

As a gift of rebirth I would like to offer the first person that sends me an email a free one hour cellular integration session, remembering divine presence. To be eligible you must simply have access to a phone, be able to call or come during daylight hours Pacific time and be someone I have never worked with before. If you meet those criteria, email me at and the session will go to the person who contacts me first. May we all know the Love that we are.


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