beyond flaws to remembrance

Here is what is arising for me. I see how the shame blame game as I call it has permeated many our lives.  We are trained to find fault with ourselves, to blame and shame ourselves and others, to tear ourselves apart looking for the reason we are suffering. To be alive at this time in history is a huge deal. We are in an epoch changing time that will be remembered throughout history. Like the time of Christ. Maybe they will even change the calendar to begin a new time from the year 2000. So the reason we are suffering seemingly more than ever is this increase in frequency which pushes any separation to the surface. Any sense of limitation or separation is align for integration yet we tend to blame ourselves. If only we were not the way we are. We question our very being. I witness how I have integrated so many painful aspects. The most difficult was believing love was external to me. That want took decades to move beyond and the courage of a lion. I have moved through other very significant ones yet I tend to forget the drill and still want to point the finger at myself when the latest one does not shift in my timing. So my deal now Is about doing vs being or perhaps divine feminine not in balance with divine masculine. On a good day I am like so what, leave me alone. I see the heroic quality of this journey and my narrative is one of being a powerful heroine systematically busting through extremely challenging barriers of consciousness. I hold this for all of us and am so moved by the collective courage and commitment to being love revolutionaries. I see this is so challenging for so many. Yes, I can question even that narrative and be willing for it to be graceful and easy but when its not, its not. I heard Lisa Brown talk about having to move from the being phase to the doing phase or, as Matt would say, back in to the world. �Uncovering a few glitches along the way and can see how I want to assign self blame. If only I would be different. H E L L N O! Not going there. As a child of the Mystery I am whole, perfect and complete and my only challenge is a temporary amnesia that prevents me from full remembering. I truly see us all on the hero’s journey and celebrate our tenacity and courage. I know each of you is doing the best s/he can and I know that for myself. So I love the one who questions if I need to be different from how I am. I send this love letter to myself and you assuring us both we are divinity in form. I sooth my own questioning heart with caresses of compassion. I rest in God.

With over 20 years as a professional therapist and also facilitating parenting and consciousness classes and mindfulness, it is easy for me to witness so many clients and students

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