dropping the shame blame game

t has been fascinating to witness how the shame/ blame game is so prevalent in our society. It is so common for people with different political beliefs to shame those who disagree. It is a very common parenting technique to try to shame our children into compliance. If others have different religious beliefs or different values of any kind, we are witnessing attack and blame ever more frequently especially on social media. While on my feed this has only happened a handful of times I read this is very common. It is time to drop it forever. Shame questions the basic value of another, it attacks their intrinsic self worth. Holy relationship always sees the spark of the Divine within the other thus ALWAYS in all ways speaks to the other with respect and kindness. I vote YES to treating all people with respect. I often suspect the biggest value I have while facilitating mindfulness at the jail is the respect with which I hold those I teach. The word prisoner or inmate already has them locked in. It is so rare they are treated with dignity and respect their gratitude is so touching. May we all hold each other with tenderness and respect. Namaste.

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