the answer to your most fervent prayers

Yearning is speaking to many of us, I just had this pour out from me in about 5 minutes, the first poem written in years. As an act of courage I will post this unedited, unrevised as an act of inner boldness breaking away from the known

Let your longing fill you to the rafters of your existence
sweeping you to far distance shores with exotic dreamscapes
a thin wafer of Christ consciousness melting your heart
the pull an undertow sweeping us from the known
a tidal wave razing your old stories
you are right
the old enervated you will not survive
quiet desperation a too tight suit that strangles your heart
and is now marked down for quick sale

another waits in the shadows
asking you to face the ghost demons
crying for succor
will you answer their plaintive wails?

for hidden in their embrace
is the one long sought yet never welcomed
desperately craving another
one surely more qualified
to answer a lifetime of yearning

the pathetic castoff called you
a torn old garnet
you would cast aside
if only it were not attached

when will your eyes open
to the majesty in the mirror
the one you have been waiting for
without daring to consider
this weary carcass
is the answer to your most fervent prayers


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