So this responding to the messages from the Mystery is not always the easiest. Got this one yesterday but made excuses. At age 19 I choose the name for my first book. A dozen years ago I tried writing it but it was not yet time. It will be about the experience of waking ourselves up as the Love that we are using both my personal experience and mixing in tools and skills I have found that are most liberating, or that is how it looks now. A woman in a group I was in encouraged me by suggesting I ask people to pay for an advanced copy. Heart you, this book may take 3-5 years although hopefully sooner. If you would like to help me get my dear tushy off the couch and in gear, I would be honored if you would donate either $17 or $21 to receiving the first advanced copies. This would make me commit now. The numbers came from my sense of the message I received. Who knows, I could be making this all up so that is that. IF this intrigues you or you just feel moved to support me in this way, please go to the donation button on the ride sidebar of my website. If you choose friends and family, I will get the full amount and I figure you must be friends or family if you are willing to honor me in this way. Ok Mystery, I am taking the leap.

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