the answer to most illness

Havard Medical School says 60-90% of all accidents, injuries and illness are caused by stress. C.D.C. website says over 90% of illness due to stress. Stanford University says over 95%. All research focused on external stress until it was recognized people experience the exact same circumstances differently. One will have a panic attack while the other remains calm. On 9/12/2004 Dallas Morning News reported research from Southwestern University and interviewed Dr. Eric Nestler who is the head of the department and has a Ph.D. and M.D. from Yale. Dr. Nestler said most medical treatments treat symptoms not source. He said they had researched, found and proven the one source of almost all health challenges. Once we find how to fix it, it will resolve all health concerns. It is called cellular memory. he said. This is some external validation of my experience with myself, clients and students. Until we resolve the trauma stored in cellular memory it will continue to play out in uncomfortable external ways as anxiety, depression, broken relationships, illness. We integrate this by learning to face, feel, love all aspects of self lost in a false sense of unworthiness. While this can feel too abstract to do, it comes down to feeling what we are feeling IN OUR BODIES and bringing compassion and acceptance to our own woundedness. 

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