the right stuff

Last night we watched a movie called “The Right Stuff” about the first test pilots and astronauts. Chuck Yeager, who now lives in my neck of the woods, was the first to break what was called the sound barrier which was thought to be impenetrable. Watching the movie was inspiring as these men broke through one perceived impossible limitation after another.

The month of May has brought even more challenging inner landscapes to traverse. I have heard of panic attacks, despair, terror, hopelessness. I myself twice experienced hours of an unbound discouragement, disheartenment. I heard myself say enough, I don’t want to do this anymore and heard those words echoed with a number of people I spoke to. It seems the depths we are asked to love and integrate keep increasing. I honor each of you and your courage.

For me, those choosing to be consciousness pioneers face the same uncharted territories and have the same level of courage. So many are facing internal unmapped terrain that can invoke great fear. We learn to move through perceived limitations and deep wells of unworthiness, face crippling beliefs such as we are not lovable. Most of our names will never be known. No empaths, frequency holders, first wavers are being acknowledged with ticker tape parades. Few understand the incredible tenacity and courage it takes to keep moving forward regardless of what seeming demons block the way. Know that your contribution is vital and is clearing the way for a whole new earth. Whether the history books ever record your name, you are important, you matter, you are loved. This ticker tape parade is for you. I bow.

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