big time trust, knowing our needs are met

“Your needs only continue to be brought to your awareness as needs until your trust in their immediate and ongoing fulfillment is complete. Once this trust is realized you will no longer think in terms of needs at all. Once you are no longer concerned with needs and the meeting of needs you will no longer be concerned with special relationships. You will realize that there is no loss but only gain involved in letting them go.” A Course of Love
Can you even begin to imagine the freedom that comes with this knowing? Imagine that our trust is so grounded, so deep that we simply know that we are provided for, like the birds and the bees, knowing the Mystery serves us. This is a huge leap of faith, particularly as we see so many tragedies unfold. How can we possibly trust given the evidence for fear we encounter daily?
The trick is to empty ourselves of all that is false. This emptying out often comes with a great deal of discomfort that may leave us cursing the gods. It hardly lends itself to trust. Yet the more we remove all that is unreal, the more trust makes sense, becomes embodied in our being. We do not think of needs because before we can even consider we need something, it arrives.
Matt Kahn say we do not let of conditions, they let go of us and this is my direct experience. Our job is to empty out the false through being present to the energy that runs through our bodies when we believe in disaster, in fear. This silent witnessing is its own path to freedom. We love the one who experiences discomfort, bring the deepest compassion to our own appearance of woundedness.
While the ego is unraveling, it may appear as though our needs are most definitely NOT being met. This is because a deeper unveiling is occurring. Something is being taken from us because it will reveal a deeper gift, a greater awareness, a more complete knowing through the loss. To trust this requires the deepest faith. May we all see beyond the appearance of things.
Initially, I used the word heal for what I assist clients in doing. Then that word implied something was wrong that needed to be fixed so I then liked the word integrating. Now even that word does not fit what I witness. It is an emptying out of all that is limited, that is fearful, that is lost. Then we stop the need to seek because we realized we were never lost, just forgetful. Then trust is our embodied experience resting on a ground of knowing.

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