Carried by love

The energies are stratospheric for many. The energies may bring physical pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, all the usual suspects. It can be easy to get caught in a whirlpool of despair or overwhelm. Can we allow it to be as it is without self-blame? Can we witness whatever arises with the deepest self-compassion? The lesson today In “A Course of Miracles” is about knowing all who walk this path have traveled similar terrain, felt defeat and hopelessness. The “trick” is to feel them as a physical sensation in the body and not be fooled by them into identification. It is just energy clearing our field IF we can be the mere witness. We can witness it kicking and screaming, cursing the gods or in calm trust. It often takes time to choose door number 3, may take a few trips around the block. None are right or wrong. The lesson goes on to say “your ancient fear has come upon you now” how when poverty oppresses us we may ignore, be unable to see the gifts and support waiting in the wings. Our Divinity never leaves us, it can only be forgotten. Remember is one of the most beautiful words to me. In the midst of the deepest ego unraveling can we Remember we are never alone and angelic support is always available, a hair’s breath away. Yet we must remember to ask and then watch with clear eyes to feel the love arrive to carry us.

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