new earth

Anyone else noticing glitches in the matrix? This is a time of power for those with the courage to affirm the new is upon us, who have learned to love themselves, have been willing to pass through the ring of fear and are ready to let go of old beliefs and conditioning. The new is here yet it is easy to let our minds remain locked in the old. It may take tenacity and commitment to look beyond what our eyes are showing us to what we know is not only possible but is destiny. Many of us have been locked for eons in limitation, buried in “karma.” Often this is because part of our soul mission with other love revolutionaries has been to bust through what was previously perceived is an immovable limitation. We may feel pressure on the top of our skulls, as though our very bone wants to break open. One client saw holes opening in her skull as it cracked open to let in the light. It is easy to get lost in the old story. For those with eyes to see, it is time to know the new is arising. Let’s ride the powerful energies of August right into a soft landing on the new earth.
Personally, I am having fascinating experiences of my desires becoming instantly reality. Example yesterday. I was delighted to see it was in the 80’s already as we came home just after 7 PM. Yet as we approached our house the temperature rose to low 90’s. In the past, our west facing house, which is in a valley, has been a few degrees hotter than just a mile away. So I felt myself begin to get upset. Then I thought NO, all is well, I wish it to be in the 80’s at our house. And it was! I am also noticing my house usually has temperatures around it that are cooler than the weather report. These are just two small examples, believe them if you will. Kids, we are not in Kansas anymore. Just saying.

interesting article with some signs of being in the new earth, most of which I am experiencing:

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