lion’s gate 8/8/8

Welcome to the lion’s gate. My being is telling me it is a major gateway where, for those who have done their inner spring cleaning, very new possibilities are now available. It requires us to let go of all the old limitations that may have kept us locked in for millennium. We must affirm to ourselves that we are in the new and that we are released from all that is not of love, abundance, joy. Many of our limitations had to do with our soul purpose, our willingness to “take it for the team.” We have been playing the limitation game. It was NEVER our fault. Sure, it was fun. (not!) But now the heightened frequencies make a new game accessible to more of us.
To play the game we must make our eye single, We are only willing to allow into our reality that which is for our highest good. We see past what the senses tell us to what we know is true. We see past the appearance of illness, lack, chaos to that which we know is behind the curtain. We maintain our focus, loving whatever arises that is not of that substance (and oh yea, whatever is not of the same resonance as that we are affirming will emerge from the murk to be integrated and loved.) Not for the faint of heart, I know. Yet I am blessed to know so many powerful revolutionaries united in heart. Together, yes we can.

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