lunar eclipse

Today is the partial lunar eclipse. Symptoms of the body adjusting to higher frequencies may include headaches, insomnia, extra hard sleep, falling asleep in the day, back, neck, joint pain, rage, depression, anxiety, heart racing, blood pressure too high or low. Drink lots of water, rest if you can, nature, silence, movement, creativity, Epson salt baths for those finding difficulty. While we have been waiting for eons to have this level of creative power, the adjustment time may be bumpy for some. Personally, since June the ride has changed for me dramatically and has never been so easy so know this journey is not endless. A peace and joy await those willing to take the walk on the wild side.
Please understand some assembly is required, as Jim Self would say. We can not passively sit through or resist these energies and expect to reap the rewards. We must remain conscious and aware, choosing to say yes, to add our intent and commitment to our own hearts, our own lives, witnessing and allowing the energies to flow through us, rivers of transformation impacting our very cellular structure. There is no free ride. There is grace yet it requires us to participate.
Tomorrow is the lion’s gateway where humanity roars its power, affirming our commitment to a new earth where peace, joy, unity, cooperation, harmony, and justice are the order of the day.


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