ego unraveling- phases

As the ego unravels and we wake up from the dream of separation each of us will pass through distinct phases. “A Course in Miracles” delineates six phases. This process has been completed by relatively few people currently yet the numbers are growing geometrically. I believe it was Carl Jung who spoke of people not even really facing these esoteric questions fully until after age 50. The crisis facing the planet has propelled even people in their twenties to face and move through the rings of fear. Now some teenagers have an awareness and consciousness rare in much older adults.

In my experience, this is how the phases have unfolded. In the most extreme phase of the unraveling, we must only survive it. Everything seems to go wrong and it is one crisis after another. Slowly that unwinds and we get pockets of relief. Yet then comes a void phases that can feel so unfair. After so much inner integration and work, it can feel cruel to end up in a passionless, empty space where all meaning may feel lost. This phase can last way longer than preferred. Yet slowly we come out of it and begin to dip our toe back into the world. The previous years are usually ones that include a lot of solitude, even isolation. Now we are able to emerge from our caves.

Yet we are not done. We may continue to be in a space where things are very disjointed, discombobulated. We may have miracles followed by seeming failures or disappointments. Things are flowing magically, things are going nowhere. Everything is unfolding miraculously, nothing is working. This back and forth could be perceived by some as though they were doing something wrong. Yet this is not the case. Some may go through a long period of failure where nothing they touch succeeds. All that is unfolding is to support the release of false ego identification. The teeter totter energies are to anchor trust and the certainty all is well regardless of appearances. It shifts our feelings of safety from the need to be in control and plan to the willingness to listen to inner guidance and follow the flow of intuition, not matter how illogical. We shift from personal will to divine will. All of these twist and turns can be challenging to say the least. Stay true to our own hearts to find the way back Home.

Another challenge is that what works at one phase may be totally inappropriate at another. A teacher may speak to us yet later the teachings feel useless. We must trust ourselves to know what works. I imagine most of my readers will be in the fifth phase ACIM describes. If my words do not resonate, trust they are not for you.

I was just looking through the book “A Journey to Oneness” by Rasha. In so many ways her journey mirrors mine. The book is structured in a way I found rather convoluted so I can not fully recommend it. Yet it gave me peace as she had made it through the labyrinth and I was still twisting and turning. When I began the book 3/5/14 I had just begun the paper work for our divorce. I detailed in notes in the book to myself how I finally accessed self-love on 5/8/14 and had more peace than ever by the time I finished the book in June 2015. I have rarely taken so long to finish a book. The part that gave me the most encouragement was the explanation of why she kept failing in her business ventures and had such trouble with accessing resources for living. It detailed the process of breaking ego identification. The Mystery will do whatever is necessary to pull this off.

Lately, I watch things come and go with astonishing speed. A miracle solution arises to a problem yet disappears an hour later. A long term challenge appears to have shifted and a day later another “problem” emerges on the same theme. For me it is steady holds the course in trust in the zero point field of the now moment. I have learned not to assume anything, not to latch on to solutions or cry over seeming upsets. I keep my eye steady on the knowing all is well, no matter how rapidly things shift. Yes, it takes vigilance and devotion to let go of the old reins of control and planning. Yet my certainty of my connection to a Universal flow grows daily. The peace that carries me is the jewel without price. I offer these words in the hope you will be carried when it feels too hard to walk, the end certain for those who stay the course.

Manual for teachers. I was not able to access them online, unfortunately.


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