Magic afoot

There is great magic afoot. Can you feel it beneath all the chaos and angst? These are magical times with great possibilities for leadership, creativity, new beginnings riding Leo’s fiery tail to endless opportunities.
These eclipse energies can be used to raise ourselves to new horizons. I see how my life cooperates with me. I kept ignoring the need to take the trash down a long hot driveway, postponing the need to drag a piece of furniture to the garage. So my internet shut down until I got it done. A friend told me the same things is happening to her. Also, the past disappears so fast I can’t remember what I did five minutes ago let alone yesterday. These are little symbols of the new earth emerging.
One of the biggest challenges can be the fear it will never end and dawn will never break. The tunnel may feel too long, too dark, too isolating, too exhausting. Beloveds, this too shall pass. Dive into it all, bathe in the energy of rage, of terror, of joy, of love, welcome them all for the fastest passage through the underground. You are planting seeds with every step. Spring will come for those with the courage to love and forgive, to feel and integrate. Of this I am sure. All will arrive, the only question is when and with how much resistance will prolong the journey.
My life is certainly not a bed of roses or maybe it is, beauty mixed with some thorns. Yet I can tell you that my commitment to Trust is bearing gorgeous fruit. Just in the last 48 hours to be given a new cell phone, offered another better one and, in a few months, the likelihood of an upgraded I Phone along with a computer given to me, wow. I saw past all the obstacles, keeping my eye single. The horrible rash on my body disappeared without a whimper. Etc. Once we survive the intensity of the ego unraveling, remember our own magnificence, love ourselves through it all we arrive in abiding peace and miraculous occurrences as everyday fare.

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