My eclipse adventure was rather miraculous on so many levels. At the last second, I changed my destination from a private spot on the river to a more public spot. I created a cairn with a candle on top, journaled and enjoyed the approaching silence and darkness. Cliff notes of the miracles. Before the 80% totality, I stepped into the river. This time I did not see the millions of eclipses cast on the ground through the trees. Yet in the river, I could see a perfect reflection of the eclipse. It was so serene. I had contemplated wading across the river to ask to borrow some peoples’ special glasses as my attempts to purchase some had failed. I decided to let it go and just enjoy.
A minute or two after the totality, (can’t be described so I won’t bother) a man appears out of the blue and asked if I would like to use his glasses. My mouth fell open with miracle number one. We had a deep and meaningful chat about the nature of reality and love. Thank you, Michael. (soon to be my new FB friend)
I then continued my ritual in a waterfall, washing away any limitations of past conditioning. I saw the perfect stone to symbolize the eclipse for my altar. I stuck in my suit. When I was almost back to my spot I checked for it and it seemed to be gone. I moved my suit around and felt it fall out into deep water. I thought no way am I going to find it so I let it go, practicing surrender. Later I saw I was near the same spot and got the hit to dive for it. Miracle number two. I found it in a second even though it is about the size of my thumbnail! Can I get an alleluia? I am in the new. After looking at the eclipse with the glasses I felt my head swim, particularly around my third eye. Still swimming a bit. I am in the new and the water is fine. Feel free to dive in.

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