Which do you choose?

When 9/11/01 occurred, part of my horror was knowing my daughter who had just turned one would grow up in a world very different from the one I did. For me, the handwriting was on the wall and told me in no uncertain terms to prepare my being and consciousness for wild times to come. It was a harbinger for a new frequency arising where polarity and duality are playing out in vivid technicolor.

It feels to me that the recent eclipse has jumped the game up considerably. It is now clear we can no longer afford fear, the inflationary cost has become unsustainable. We can stick our head in the sand and pretend nothing has changed or we can get on with it.

Although I heard one man say he made the jump to higher consciousness with little pain, for many of us facing our primal fears requires we dig into resources we did not even know we had. We have to go past our breaking point again and again. Yes, we exceed previous design parameters so that we can enter the new.

If it were all gloom and doom, we might as well lay down and give up the ghost. Yet on the other side of the veil is indeed a new earth were cooperation and peace are the order of the day. We can enter a world ruled by our hearts, where judgment is a distant memory totally supplanted by infinite compassion.

The recent fires, hurricanes, and shootings have brought this reality home to many doors. This year a number of people I am close to have had to evacuate: for potential flooding, fires, hurricanes. We can try to stay home and lock the door or we can obtain the tools we need to return home to our hearts.

One of my favorite quotes is from a poem is “if the apocalypse is coming, let us await it with joy.” If I had continued to keep my attention on all the chaos and appearances of horror, I would be miserable indeed believing this is the world my daughter is inheriting. Instead, I choose to remain glued to faith and trust, witnessing so many miracles of love and connection. My next class is about moving beyond limits because I see that is the miracle and power of these times. Depending on where we place our attention, there are two earths. One is filled with atrocities and violence, the other on unity and love. Which do you choose?

Trust requires us to dive off the cliff before we get our wings. When we have the inner sustenance to make that choice, we are always met.

The time is now, the person is you. Dive in.

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