one problem, one solution

ACIM tells us there is only one problem and one solution to EVERYTHING! So reassuring when we fully grasp it. My mentor Nouk reminded me of the importance of this lesson recently. So when a loved one “appeared” to have a physical challenge which upset him deeply, I could feel myself join in believing the appearance of the problem. I felt my peace fly out the window. I remembered this injunction to know our only problem, separation, is already solved as it never really existed but is simply an illusion of the mind. Great in theory right? Yet I asked my heart to consider this truth even though I had no way to “force” myself to drop from head to heart and make the shift into believing this happen. I waited patiently (ok, not so much) for the awareness to penetrate and then about 2 1/2 hours later in the middle of yoga it dropped n and I started to cry. I KNEW that to join my loved one in believing in the “problem” victimized him and added to my guilt by holding him to an old pattern. By freeing him, my own heart released the guilt of holding us both in separation. I SAW him free and thus my own heart could sing again. Simple, not easy.
So simple, our only problem is solved by KNOWING we are one with Source. What is important to me is unity. Are ya with me?

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