I bumped into someone yesterday who had had a powerful release through a session with me and was reflecting on why it was easier to move energy in the session then when she was alone. It is the power of joining, wherever two or more are gathered. While I have always seen this power, it seems to be increasing. Mythological stories and fairy tales allude to this. While Sleeping Beauty can be a target for feminist, it also points to the power of love to wake us up. When two or more gather in consciousness, the effects are exponential and integration can offer so much faster. Get a loving group together and watch out. Create a love revolution and then hang on to your hats, the world will never be the same.
Take every opportunity to gather together in love to wake us from our dreaming. Sleeping Beauty was in a trance state. I see this so often with clients, students and myself. I have been waking myself out of a trance of false identification over the last weeks yet see in myself and others that the misidentification can be rather tenacious. When it has lasted for eons, it creates core beliefs that are more stubborn in consciousness. We must hold tight to trust to break through the powerful tidal pull of the past to hold us to these false fears. It can take great courage and tenacity to pull free, to keep allowing as best we can the energy these false beliefs stir u in our bodies, to stay in witness mode. Yet once we have tasted the nectar of freedom on the other side, we are goners committed to the task of inner liberation.


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