only love

I had a powerful experience the other day with a loved one. I had gotten extremely frustrated with an ongoing challenge and felt us spin out, headed to hell in a handbasket! (just sounds funny.) Hello, yes Holy Self feel free to use contrast to wake me up out of my trance. Lately, the slightest variance from Love kicks my ass but big. So I surely don’t like how I feel. I choose again internally but am literally unable to move or speak without digging myself in deeper. So I shut my mouth. As I do, I felt like I dropped into the movie “The Matrix.” I see the cords of conditioning and attachment that had dropped me into conflict. I see the conditioning of the loved one keeping the energy of upset cycling. I am aware of how this relationship with my dad, my wasband, etc. are active in this moment and pushing me to act the fool. I see how I had held the other accountable while being blind to the plank in my own eye. Hello, revelation! So I sit there and let this wash through me. Other departs and I pray for all I am worth to get out of this egoic trap. No clue mind you, how that might be accomplished. Miracle. 20 minutes later I ask the loved on to join me for a snack. An email had arrived shifting the mood for my loved one completely. The energy was back to harmony and peace and I was soooo relieved. It is so interesting to notice how the slightest variance from Love now carries a big wallop.

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