I know the way can be so intense and it is easy to slip into darkness, even despair. I know the tunnel can appear to have no end, that the light is gone forever. I know that it can be easy to fear mankind is doomed and would be better-called manmean then mankind. Yet we are mankind and nothing can alter that truth. Today I feel flooded with emotions. Yesterday I felt victimized by a diagnosis pronounced by a very compassionate veterinarian. I saw myself as powerless against this prediction. Yet through the night angels danced in my dreams and I woke up feeling empowered. Neither the vet nor the nurse could believe how old our bunny is. Luckily neither my daughter nor I had a clue she was old. We just send her love each day, showering her with gratitude for the love she shares with us. It is love that has kept her alive longer than is usual and it is love that helps her move beyond her current suffering. We are living in the time of the miracle. It has been predicted for eons. Jesus said we shall do greater things then he did. He raised the dead. So helping our bunny move through arthritis should be a slam dunk. I can say these things because I have cleared enough of the ego dream to know them as Truths.
Just last year I too wondered it if would ever end, I was still shipwrecked by turmoil and doubt. Just last week I was clearing what for me has been a huge obstacle to peace and love. I did not hold like Matt Kahn gracefully passing through with absolute faith. I did a little kicking and got lost in fear for a while. Yet a part of me knew I was in a trance state, part of me could witness this old limitation that has plagued me for eons trying to wrestle me to the ground of doubt. I held with the faith of a miracle worker. I now always remember to have Trust as the ground of my being, even when fully immersed in darkness. Here is the thing loves. There is joy on the other side and it is as though we arrive in a wonderland. When a friend asked me if I had hope for mankind, I was surprised. For me the new earth filled with love and cooperation is so real I can literally sometimes forget the other world exists. I am still moved to the depths of my heart by others’ kindness and offerings of love. Thus it is perhaps no surprise they show up ever more frequently. So I can answer my friend that yes, I know the climb is steep but my heart KNOWS humanity will rest back in the Love that we all are.



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