Christ consciousness

I had a profound experience on Sunday. This is being called the time of Christ consciousness. Sounds good, yes? The greatest distance we must travel is from head to heart. I have read and understood that these times are for the embodiment of Christ consciousness yet it still was a theoretical idea. Until Sunday. Through a series of experiences, my heart and soul set up, through the support of various characters in my play including our bunny Moonlight, this awareness dropped from head to heart and flooded me with tears of joy that have continued through yesterday. I KNEW I was/ am/ we are the embodied unlimited masterpieces of power we have always been. I knew with every cell of my being how to create beyond previous limits. I felt my body expand as though inflated like a balloon and also be shot with electrical pulses that left me wired and shaken. I have had heart opening experiences before, known the truth of our Divinity yet this was new. I share this with you as I can no say directly this is our destiny, as we arrive back in the heaven we never left, home in our own skin and hearts. Yes, the integration can be rather grueling, to say the least, yes it is taking way longer then any of us could imagine, yes, there is more outer chaos then we saw coming, yes, it is not for the faint of heart. IT is a done deal, the only question is how long we will kick and scream until arrival. Many of us earlier birds kicked and scream A LOT and thus prolonged the process. I now have the good fortune to know two people who just get on with it, seemingly without the resistance. Matt Kahn just had three intense days of integration after two years where each day he felt he was dying Resistance just lengthens the discomfort. God bless us because when the fire is on it is hard not to say NO! YEt yes will bring us to the land of such inner mild and honey we wake up each day so grateful to be alive.

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