There is a strong tendency for the spiritual ego to use new age tools as a weapon of mass destruction. It is the destruction of our innocence. It is our fault we are suffering because we had a negative thought, didn’t meditate enough, forgot to be grateful, didn’t say three our fathers before breakfast. Bullshit. Yes, good ole Catholic guilt got a facelift and looks better than ever, now packaged in a 2017 wrap.
YOU ARE INNOCENT! Yes, it is important to be vigilant not to get lost in egoic mind trap, yes it is wonderful to be grateful. There is so much paradox on this journey home to our own loving kindness. Yet the fallback position is one of compassion. Breaking free of the bonds of eons of conditioning and enslavement ain’t no small gig. We must cut ourselves a break while devoting ourselves to the return to Love. Can we rest in ease with our own hearts, stop micromanaging ourselves with guilt whips? Can we gently dive in again and again to the pool of grief created by our own self-estrangement? Can we cut our breathers and sisters a break when they act unskillfully when we act unskillfully? Our innocent hearts await the answer with bated breath.

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