subterranean guilt- we are innocent

Ha, was talking to someone yesterday about how I am witnessing so many unable to see their own innocence. Yup, was seeing the speck in another while missing the plank in my own eyes. Today with the help of my mighty companions and my sister Coreen I was able to put together the pieces of the puzzle that have been laid out for me so majestically and get to a core wound of guilt. I am seeing my beloved bunny Moonlight as so innocent, seeing my loved ones as so innocent yet, in a few key areas, still resting on a cesspool of my own guilt. To also see how a super subterranean mistrust of God lies at the bottom, holy miracle.
Sometimes I am stunned by the perfection of the way the Universe is constantly offering us an open door to joy and love beyond our previous ability to conceive. It just keeps getting richer. Sometimes people complain to me about how grueling the awakening can be. Believe me, I hear that and boohooed for many years. Now I see it as the grandest adventure ever and feel beyond blessed to be alive where it doesn’t take a lifetime sitting in a cave contemplating our navels to wake up. Many are doing just that next door, around town, in the next country, everywhere. We can curse these times or witness the glory of millions waking up to their true natures. We get to choose where we place our attention and our bodies will reflect the results of that choice. Do we see the love that is peeking through in every corner or stay glued to our TV’s that want to keep us locked in fear? The choice is ours.

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