unconditional love

When my daughter was born she gifted me with the feeling tone, the frequency of unconditional love. It felt both achingly familiar and long forgotten. I reveled in it yet saw her as the Source and was very disturbed as her ego began to form and the feeling tone became less frequent. I was no longer able to mainline her energy field, bummer!
Fast forward to now. Increasingly I feel myself in that field again, beyond separation. Not enlightened by any means, just at peace and in joy, satisfied with what is even though many conditions are still far from my preference. I run around with a slight Buddha smile, amazed I am able to rest in this state more frequently, for no reason external to myself. This is the gift of the heightened frequencies for those willing to commit wholeheartedly to this Homecoming. The way can be rocky yet the end is certain. Are we not worth it?


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