the new earth- doors are open

The new earth has opened its doors and is welcoming all love revolutionaries, pioneers of consciousness and anyone else interested in the grand adventure. The operating system is quite unique here. It is based on the sustainability of Christ Consciousness. That consciousness has been around yet unsustainable except to the avatars and other singular leaders. Now it is here for the general population, for those willing to do what it takes.
What it used to take was learning through contrast or duality. That method of learning is still available to those who have not yet tasted and begun to embody their own magnificence, knowing themselves as the Divine, at least theoretically. For those that are able to see themselves as the already accomplished, the new gig is unity and joining. So now we move forward with higher frequencies and levels of consciousness in an unending game of greater liberation, joy, intimacy, connection, and unity. We do this through joining at the level of the heart. Hopefully many are implementing the new operating system, dropping the need to suffer to wake up. We leave behind the need to learn and enter the time of knowing. In this space, we join heart to heart with our soul family and begin playing at our hearts’ desires. We celebrate and dance to be alive at this momentous time of history.
What fascinated me was hearing a spiritual leader in this community say he was surprised to see what lengths a certain author had gone to set himself free, saying he would never go so far, do so much. It takes what it takes and while in many ways it is easier than ever, it still takes an absolute commitment and vigilance, a willingness to make this a total priority. For me, the riches are so clear, the freedom from suffering so essential, that not to make this choice would be impossible. To live beyond separation is the dream of my lifetime. to taste this nectar makes the sweetness irresistible. I am all in. Want to join with me? All hearts welcome.

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