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I am with my friend Theresa flying upside down as I attempt to align with the new navigating system of the Universe. All I know is at the base is joy, love, and unity.
“A Course in Miracles,” says we come closest to heaven in holy relationship. This is my direct experience. The one thing that is crystal clear is the new energy is about unity, community, joining. In this joining from the heart, the healing, wholing, joy, intimacy, connection is magnified and blessed. AS a species, we are exiting the learning through the suffering phase and entering the creating though joining phase. Many of us do not yet have our hearts dialed into the new way of being yet I assure you Christ consciousness is flourishing.
This is brought home to me particularly in my sessions with clients and groups with “students.” There are no teachers and students, just one hand helping another. Last night at my course about accessing our own unlimited natures, I felt Christ consciousness permeate the room in a way that had my head swimming. Yet it seems I need to invite it in, moment to moment, to get the full benefit. I still lack the trust to plan nothing for my groups. So when something went off course, I felt a tiny fear try to grab me and called in my back up team. Well, Christ consciousness showed up in a hurry. We were doing a brain integration technique and I kept giggling. Yes, I was integrating one of my deepest false beliefs and I kept laughing because I both saw the absurdity of the perceived limitation AND because I could feel the limitlessness of my True nature in that moment. When I am in that place of connection to the Divine when I go in public, everyone I meet tends to give me some sort of compliment and/ or a gift. It is just wild to witness the joy that flows between “strangers.”
One of the saddest things I witness through my work is so many believe either that the intense suffering is happening only to them or that they are doing something wrong because it is so painful or taking so long to exit the ego thought system. WRONG! It took me 9 years to integrate self-love, seven to move my relationship with my daughter from conflicted to joyous. Here is the thing, I never gave up! IT took Matt Kahn two years to integrate abundance, two years of feeling like he was dying EVERY day to integrate the most significant piece of his wholing and he had another three-day episode recently. Hello. So when the ego integration feels endless, I beseech you not to blame or shame yourself.
Since 2012 the whole thing has sped up so what took me 9 years might now take 9 months, nine days, nine minutes. Now, for me, the integration process is fun and exciting. I must exempt my process from overwhelm which was very painful and definitely not fun. Otherwise, I cry every other day or so recently as I continue to integrate toxicity still in cellular memory. But now it is a joy because I know for sure the freedom on the other side. I am a bulldog on a pork chop leaving no stone unturned.

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