I just received a gorgeous testimonial I’d love to share. Still offering free 20 minute consults. I plan to raise my price slightly next year so now might be a good time to jump into a process of liberation. About half my work is done through phone sessions.
From Georgia Simone:
I have years of experience of emotional healing and never before have I been facilitated so skilfully into deeper and deeper layers of myself. For one full hour I journeyed through many layers of grief, and each time I thought I must be complete, another layer was uncovered!
This release paved the way for immense healing, and as the last tears fell, divine love began to penetrate every cell. My body was filled with light and I spent the rest of the day re-calibrating to this new frequency – both utterly exhausted and exquisitely transformed!
I have no doubt that the extent of this healing was made possible by Savannah’s depth of experience – both in terms of her own healing and her facilitation of others. I’m so grateful to know that there are others out there doing this deep work and was so humbled to experience how the precision of my process increased exponentially by having someone hold space for me. It allowed me to drop so much deeper than when I’m alone and confirmed that the presence of a guide is utterly essential as we open into the most vulnerable parts of ourselves.

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