playing the game

Many of us may be experienced the end of the year energies helping us clear out old egoic patterns. It may feel like all the old skeletons are jumping out of the closet for review. Is there a way to approach these challenges more gracefully? I certainly have had the chance to face an ongoing limit that has felt very challenging for years and gracefully navigated it yesterday. Today is another chance to clear more. Oh yea, yippee skippy! I am only partially kidding as most of me is more than ready to surrender the entire enchilada of the egoic thought system.

Based on the homework for my Total Transformation Course, I am setting the daily goal of peace in all my relationships. My relationships are almost always very harmonious. Yet since setting that goal one person is poking me by appearing to need to be right all the time, by being moody and stomping off. The first time I got triggered yet remembered my goal and felt like Rocky to immediately place my focus on the Divinity of this person. Today many opportunities to strengthen my commitment and resolve. Felt myself engage once and that is more than enough discomfort to get me to shift back to peace. IT helps for me to think of it as a game, not take it so seriously. At one point I could not help smiling as I did not fall for the old trigger. Not yet to the point where I can engage always fully in love but hey, a play in progress. Wanna play with me??

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