Happy new year 2018

After years of very difficult ego unraveling 2017 has been the best year of my life, not because anything “special” happened rather because I developed enough spaciousness and connection to my higher self that I have experienced tremendous peace and even long periods of joy. At one point I was sure this was mission impossible after the years of slogging through old conditioning, false beliefs, self-rejection even hatred, guilt, specialness in relationships, needing love to be validated externally and so on. While I remember little before the summer solstice, I celebrate the neutrality of my life. Since the summer solstice all has shifted. I experienced a month of such joy. Then since the eclipse and joining the TTC I am clearing obstacles to Love very frequently yet welcoming them truly as I know the liberation on the other side. It is my life purpose to share everything I discover about moving past suffering into the joy of our true nature. However your year has unfolded, I send you Godspeed and the most delicious love wave. Thank you all for the part you play in my life and for what you are doing to heal the planet. My heart is filled with gratitude! May 2018 be the year many of us integrate our false illusions of separation and remember our true magnificence. We are each masterpieces, may all know this as the absolute Truth.

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