addiction resolved by connection

Very powerful, addiction is fueled by lack of connection so the antidote is belonging, community, love. Drugs Don’t Cause Addiction: This Brilliant Animated Video Will Change Your View on Drugs Forever The brilliant short animated video below will explain to you why drugs don’t actually cause addiction, changing your view on drugs forever. THEUNBOUNDEDSPIRIT.COM


Beloveds, Two powerful awareness coming forth today. First, my spiritual ego has adored being acknowledged as an “expert,” known about town as a “gifted” therapist. To maintain that place of prominence, to sooth feelings of unworthiness I used to be willing to play expert in my work, to come from a one up position, to Continue Reading →

let go

OMG, this awareness is one of the prime awarenesses that has changed my life from conflicted, painful and anxious, to one that is harmonious, peaceful and calm (most of the time, except when it’s not.) This last year was the tipping point, thank you God!